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Shared Governance

Nursing Shared Governance functions as an essential framework for nurse participation. It encourages our nurse professionals to contribute collectively in the decision-making processes that affect our patients.

Gritman Medical Center has pursued this idea with our nursing staff leading the way. Four councils provide leadership in moving the theory of Shared Governance into daily practice:

  • The Coordinating Council is tasked with leadership and education of the entire nursing staff regarding Shared Governance.
  • The Nursing Leadership Council provides direction and serves as a mechanism for the chief nursing officer, nurse leaders and nurse managers to participate in activities related to the provision of nursing care at the patient’s bedside.
  • The Clinical Practice and Research Council is a hands-on council. They examine standards of care, delivery of care and professional accountability, among other things.
  • The Education Council coordinates on-site training to the clinical staff.

Shared Governance has the potential to increase clinical collaboration, mutual accountability and professional autonomy. In addition to improving patient care and clinical outcomes, Shared Governance is anticipated to increase both nurse and patient satisfaction, resulting in improved ability to recruit and retain qualified professionals.