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Philanthropy is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare field and at not-for-profit hospitals. At Gritman Medical Center, the Gritman Foundation, a separate 501(c) 3, is a crucial partner in integrating philanthropy into our community, serving the needs of our community members as they relate to citizens' quality of life needs. 

Since 2003, the Gritman Medical Center Foundation has invested back into our local community. This community re-investment:

  • Provides medical services and access to healthcare for community members who cannot afford the healthcare they need.
  • Purchases equipment that improves diagnostic efficiency and effectiveness of hospital staff and local physicians.
  • Addresses shortages of local physicians and medical staff by providing scholarships to WWAMI students and local community members wishing to pursue a degree in healthcare.

Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by a 10-member volunteer board whose members work closely with individuals and organizations to make a meaningful difference in our community through philanthropy.

Fundraising in support of Gritman Medical Center is the cornerstone of the Gritman Foundation, whether it is through one-time-events, individual donations or charitable giving through estate planning. Gifts to the Gritman Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and are used for a variety of health and wellness related initiatives.


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