Patient Stories

3D Mammography

Greater Accuracy. Earlier Detection. Better Outcomes.

Judy's Story

At age 61, Judy Tackett's life was changed forever. But with the help of Gritman's 3D mammography technology, Judy was able to get her life back on track and get back to the things that bring her joy.

"My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago at age 68. My diagnosis came at age 61," says Judy. "And I believe the 3D technology gave me a much earlier diagnosis, easier treatment and better life outcome."


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By visiting Gritman's Women's Imaging Center, Judy was able to seek treatment quickly after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I received my diagnosis late September, I had surgery in October, further treatments in December and was Cancer free before Christmas. My mother's cancer diagnosis was treated with major surgery and chemotherapy. The 3D technology detected my cancer much earlier with less treatment."

Along with state-of-the-art 3D technology, Gritman's Women's Imaging Center offers women a caring staff and a peace of mind.

"The nurses, technical staff and other staff at Gritman treat you like family. Walking into Gritman's Women's Imaging Center is like entering your own living room."

"Since my mother had her cancer diagnosis, I've contributed to programs similar to bosom buddies and I'm looking forward to attending my first pink tea."

Now Judy can spend less time worrying about her health and more time doing what she loves.

"My health today is better than when I was diagnosed with cancer. My diagnosis made me think about the priorities and the things I value in life. I'm so happy to be able to get back to the things I enjoy like dirt therapy...shoveling, raking, cutting trees, hauling sand on our acreage on Moscow Mountain."

"Ladies, please include the 3D Mammogram at Gritman in your annual wellness exam."

"I am so glad that the 3D technology gives me earlier detection and another successful outcome."

Angie's Story

For Angie Feuerstein, breast cancer came as more of a surprise to her.

"I've had no family history of breast cancer whatsoever," says Angie. "I started having annual mammograms at age 40. When I turned 50, I had my first 3D mammogram at Gritman."

"I was diagnosed July 31, 2014 and had a lumpectomy in October. I was diagnosed with DCIS. That stands for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ—Stage 0 breast cancer. I followed up with hormone medication in early December and I discovered all the cancer cells were taken out in the lumpectomy. The follow-up 3D mammogram that I had confirmed that fact."

"Finding stage 0 is much better than finding stage 3 or 4. It make the whole scary experience so much simpler and easier. You skip chemotherapy and it's much better."

"I believe I got an accurate diagnosis this time because I used 3D technology. I'm not sure I would have been able to get as clear as picture with 2D as we did this time."

Angie was able to find comfort at Gritman through her 3D mammogram experience.

"Let's be real, no one likes mammograms. But the experience that I had at the Women's Imagine Center at Gritman was terrific. The women's imagining center at Gritman is beautiful. You can tell they made a special effort to make the place feel attractive and peaceful. They made me feel welcome and like I was somehow valuable because it was such a nice place."

"The nurses and staff at Gritman were friendly, courteous, and helpful. They had sincere understanding and compassion for the women that they served." Having gone through the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment process, Angie is now making more positive changes to her life. Angie has altered her diet, exercise routine and stress techniques.

"For me the diagnosis of breast cancer was a real chance to clarify my values. For me, I cried out to God. I began to seek Him like never before and decide what was really important. And now after the fact, my life is richer and fuller for it."

"I would recommend 3D mammography to every women out there. The whole time I was going through my experience I kept thinking I'm so glad that I found this early. If I wanted to make a point to someone about breast cancer I would say it is much better to find it earlier than later."