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Labor and Delivery

Bringing your baby into this world is a personal experience. Our labor nurses are sensitive to your needs. They work one-on-one with laboring moms to provide medical and emotional support and keep you comfortable.

Pain Control Options

Helping you deliver your baby in a medically safe and personal way is important. If delivering without the use of pain medication is important to you, our nursing staff and your labor nurse will help you. If you want help with the pain at any point in your labor, we offer IV pain medication and have an anesthetist on call 24-hours a day to give epidural anesthesia.


Complimentary massage is offered through our Gritman massage therapists. Ask you nurse to help schedule an appointment for massage during labor or after delivery.


Having loving family and friends share in the birth of your child is important. Visitors are allowed in the birthing suites and are welcome to visit after your baby is born. We do put the needs of our moms and babies first and ask that visitors respect the much-needed rest of both. Lights in the department are dimmed at 9 p.m. to encourage a quiet nighttime setting.


Still photography is allowed during all parts of labor and delivery, as long as the photographer does not interfere with the medical needs of the mom or baby. Video taping is allowed prior to delivery and after both mom and baby are stable. Video taping of any sort during delivery is not allowed.


In the unlikely event that air transportation is needed to another hospital, Gritman’s Family Birth Center is served by Life Flight Network. Learn more about Life Flight Network membership at lifeflight.org.