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You and your baby are a priority at Gritman’s Family Birth Center. Our four attractive, comfortable and modern birthing suites provide all the accommodations you would expect, coupled with responsive nursing care that surpasses your expectations.

Upon arrival, you are matched with one of our skilled and compassionate labor nurses. She will guide you through your labor, monitor the progress of your baby and make sure your needs are met. She and the rest of the nursing team work together with your doctor to provide a welcoming environment for your newest family member.

Call (208) 883-2229 to schedule a tour of our Family Birth Center.


Sharing the birth of your baby with others can be part of the magic of childbirth. At Gritman, guests are welcome but it is up to you, the laboring mom, to decide how many and when. Simply let your labor nurse know your wishes—even if they change during the course of labor. Occasionally patient or baby needs will require guests be excused from the room. We ask that all your guests comply with these requests from the nursing staff or physicians.


Each suite provides families with the ability to enjoy favorite comforts, whether this is music or movies from home, our Jacuzzi tubs or massage. Complimentary massage service is available to all our moms, depending on availability of our massage therapists. Parents enjoy a candlelight dinner before going home. Rooming in those first days with a new baby are exciting and can be exhausting. We encourage you to keep your baby in your room as much as is comfortable. But when you need to rest, our nursing staff is ready to tend to your baby’s needs.


Nothing is as precious as a newborn and here at Gritman we take great pride in keeping your baby safe. The Family Birth Center is a secure unit. Everyone entering must be cleared by the nursing staff through an intercom system.

As part of the admission process, each baby is provided an ankle bracelet. This coded bracelet will set off department alarms if it nears an exit door or if it is tampered with. When the alarms are activated, all exit doors are electronically locked and a hospital-wide advisory is sent out. This safety protocol is practiced regularly so staff can perform immediately in a real emergency.

Code White (Rapid Response Team)

Unexpected changes in your health can happen suddenly while in the hospital. Gritman’s Rapid Response Team is prepared to stabilize you should your condition require it.

Anyone, including doctors, nurses, family or visitors, can call a Code White emergency by calling 0 on any in-house phone. You will tell the operator you are calling a Code White and give your location, which is clearly posted in all patient rooms.

What is considered a dramatic change?

  • Changes in heart rate.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Drop in blood pressure.
  • Confusion, agitation or other mental status.

Thank You for Choosing Us

Thank you for choosing Gritman Medical Center for your healthcare needs. Your satisfaction is important to us and we are asking for your help. Some patients may receive a telephone survey. We use the results of this anonymous survey to help us improve care and services. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to give us valuable feedback.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our department or the services provided, please call me.

Jenn Jones, BSN

Director, Family Birth Center

(208) 883-6347