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Gritman Massage Therapy provides skilled, professional massage therapy services to you as an outpatient, with or without a physician’s referral, and to inpatients of Gritman Medical Center.

We've Moved!

Come visit us at our new location right across the street from the hospital at 804 S. Washington Street.

Health History Forms

If you are a new client to Gritman Massage Therapy, print the Health History form. Please answer each question as completely as possible before arriving for your appointment.


Insurance providers are recognizing the benefits of massage therapy, and coverage is becoming more common.

If you have received a referral for massage therapy from your physician, please call our Insurance Specialist at 208.883.1522 to verify your benefits and schedule an appointment. 


Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card including HSA card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payment, including insurance co-pay, is due at time of service.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available at the reception desk at Therapy Solutions.


All of Gritman Medical Center’s massage therapists hold the National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB), and are professional members of the American Massage Therapy Association. This credential and professional membership ensures that our individual practitioners are held to a professional code of ethics, and are required to maintain continuing education standards. To learn more about our therapists, click here.

Massage Therapy services include

Orthopedic and Sports Massage—A combination of manual and taping (Kinesiotape®) techniques that improve function and flexibility, as well as reduce or eliminate pain.

Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Massage—Massage therapy can help with much of the muscle tension and discomfort that women experience as their body changes during the course of their pregnancy.

Relaxation and Stress Management—Massage therapy initiates mental and physical relaxation, and decreases stress and muscle tension.

Oncology Massage—Studies show that massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, control pain and nausea as well as improve sleep and lessen fatigue.

Massage for Pain Relief—A growing body of research shows that massage therapy is effective for relieving and managing chronic and acute pain. The Joint Commission suggests massage therapy as non-pharmacological intervention.

Hospice Massage Therapy—Pain control is often a primary concern for hospice patients, and massage is an excellent way to reduce or alleviate pain and offer comfort, thus reducing the need for narcotic painkillers. We partner with Family Home Care & Hospice to provide this service.

Inpatient Massage Therapy—For individuals who have been admitted to Gritman Medical Center’s Family Birth Center, Medical Surgical Unit, or Critical Care Unit, complimentary massage therapy is available with a physician’s referral.