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Occupational Therapy

Experiencing an illness or injury may compromise our ability to carry out daily roles and activities in self-care, work, or leisure. From infants with developmental delays and children with autism or sensory processing challenges to adolescents with sports injuries, adults with work-related injuries, or older adults with stroke, Gritman’s Occupational Therapists are here to help you gain independence to reach your goals.

Gritman Occupational Therapy is located in Therapy Solutions Therapy may be done in a clinical indoor setting, in our outdoor therapy park, or in our state-of-the-art therapy pool. We also have a unique pediatric gym, complete with a Nintendo Wii!

Our Services Include:

Hand Rehabilitation—Our therapists provide specialized therapy of the hands and wrists to help you recover from injury or surgery, including splint fabrication.

Pediatrics—Our therapists will help your child increase independence in self-care, play, fine motor, and sensory processing skills needed to succeed at home or at school.

Geriatrics—Our therapists will help you strengthen and rehabilitate after an injury or illness, assist you modify your activities as needed for joint protection and energy conservation, and ensure proper body mechanics.

Seating and Positioning—Our therapists will help you find the right wheelchair and other assistive devices to promote independence.

Home Safety Evaluations—Our therapists will travel to your home to help you create a safe environment and increase your independence.

Ergonomic and Job Analysis Services—Our therapists will visit your work place to offer suggestions to prevent injury at work.


Occupational Therapy is available to you during your stay at Gritman Medical Center. Immediate attention to your therapy needs is critical to recovery. That is why we have a designated therapy gym on the patient-care floor of the hospital.


Our occupational therapists are all trained professionals and licensed through the state of Idaho and are members of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Our staff education ranges from bachelor’s to master’s degrees. In addition, some therapists are also licensed in Washington. Our staff has a variety of specialties to fit your therapy needs. To learn more about our therapists, click here.