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Physical Therapy

Helping you develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function is the goal of Gritman Physical Therapy. Our staff is trained in a wide variety of specialties to help with functional limitation or disabilities resulting from disease, injury or congenital disorders. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life.

Gritman Physical Therapy is located in Therapy Solutions. Therapy may be done in a clinical, indoor setting, in our outdoor therapy park, or in our state-of-the-art therapy pool. We also have a unique pediatric gym complete with a Nintendo Wii.

Some services include

Aquatic therapy—Our state-of-the-art warm water therapy pool allows therapy to be done more easily than on land and can help with overcoming weight bearing restrictions.

Geriatric care—Several of our therapists are trained to address needs specific to our older population, including balance, posture and strength and flexibility.

Lymphedema—A combination of treatment methods are used to reduce chronic or acute swelling associated with surgery, congenital defects, and trauma.

Pain management—Helping reduce the pain of acute injury or an operation and helping you manage chronic pain.

Pediatrics—Improves motor skills and mobility in children. We offer this in an outpatient setting. We also provide therapy services to many of our area schools.

Sports rehabilitation—After a surgical procedure or sports injury, we focus on a return to full activity. The therapist works closely with the doctor to assure that the athlete is ready to return to play without increased risk of injury.

Spine rehabilitation—Restoring motion and strength to the spine, while decreasing pain.

Vestibular problems—Treating problems with balance and vertigo.

Women’s health—Specialized treatment for issues such as pain and swelling due to breast surgery, pregnancy or other issues specific to the female body.

Work conditioning—Helping you regain strength and mobility needed to get back to work after illness, injury or surgery.

Wound care—We have several therapists who specialize in wound care. They work with our Certified Wound Care Nurse and your physician to care for your wounds.


Physical therapy is available to you during your stay at Gritman Medical Center. Immediate attention to your therapy needs is critical to recovery. That is why we have a designated therapy gym on the patient-care floor of the hospital.


Our physical therapists are all trained professionals and licensed through the state of Idaho and are members of the American Physical Therapy Association. Our staff education ranges from bachelor’s degrees in physical therapy, through master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. In addition, some therapists are also licensed in Washington. Our staff has a variety of specialties to fit your therapy needs. To learn more about our therapists, click here.