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Speech Therapy

Communication is a vital part of life and our Speech Therapy staff is here to help you develop or regain your ability to communicate as well as treat swallowing disorders.

Our staff is trained to work with you after a stroke or through chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease to help you maintain your ability to communicate. We also have a strong pediatric program to help your child overcome a developmental or speech delay as well as feeding disorders.

Our services include

Augmentative and Alternative Communication—Our therapists can assist you in selecting and learning to use an alternative communication tool if it is determined that speech is not a viable method of communication.

Language Impairments—Helping you or your child use and understand language.

Pediatric Feeding Disorders—Helping you develop comprehensive feeding and swallowing plans that promote developmentally appropriate eating.

Speech Sound Disorders—Some people have difficulty pronouncing certain speech sounds. Our therapists work with you to correct these patterns as well as identify any underlying conditions causing the problem.

Stuttering—Pronouncing words smoothly and easily is part of normal speech. Our therapists can help people of all ages overcome stuttering tendencies.

Swallowing impairments—Whether from disease or disorder, an inability to chew or swallow food can lead to even larger medical issues. Our treatment may involve diet changes, modified barium swallow studies and swallow exercises.

Thinking (cognitive) impairments—Brain injuries from falls, strokes or neurological disease can create difficulty with memory, organizational skills and speech. Our therapists can help you regain your prior level of cognitive function.

Voice impairments—Hoarseness or not speaking loud enough can be caused by a variety of issues. Our therapists can help identify the problem and help you regain your regular speaking voice.

Gritman Speech Therapy is located in Therapy Solutions. Therapy may be done in conjunction with other forms of therapy or individually.


Speech Therapy is available to you during your stay at Gritman Medical Center. Immediate attention to your therapy needs is critical to recovery.


Our speech-language pathologists are all trained professionals, licensed through the state of Idaho and are members of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association. Our staff all hold master’s degrees. In addition, some therapists are also licensed in Washington. Our staff has a variety of specialties to fit your therapy needs. To learn more about our therapists, click here.