Board of Directors

Gritman’s Board of Directors provides governance and guides us toward a bright future by putting your family’s health first. The Board of Directors is elected from our larger, general membership board. Each member brings valuable experience and expertise, putting in countless volunteer hours to ensure we provide the highest quality service to our patients and their loved ones.

Board Members

Robin Woods

Chair of the Board

Lori Stinson

Vice Chair

Rula Awwad-Rafferty
Steve Busch
Richard Heimsch
Dr. Charles Jacobson
Dr. Raymond Paz
Dr. Raymond Paz
Aaron Ranisate
Barbara Wells
Tricia Gehrlein
Tricia Gehrlein
Janie Nirk

Board Member Emerita

General Membership

Greg Bauer
Dan Bayly
Jessica Bearman
Kathy Beerman
David Brown
Sherill Calhoun
T.Jay Clevenger
Dan Ewart

Derek Forseth
Tricia Gehrlein
Pam Hays
Britt Heisel
Marie Kleffner
Cathy Mabbutt
Cody Moore

Chuck Morrison
Irene Mundy
Thomas Newhoff
Jill Quaade
Dr. Bryan David Smith
Tanya Snodgrass
Todd Taruscio

Join Our Team
If you are interested in serving on our board, please reach out to our administration office.