Gritman Foundation Programs

Programs designed to help support your healing journey.

The Gritman Foundation has a dedicated team and several programs that can help our patients and their loved ones live better, healthier lives.

For more information about Bosom Buddies please call the Women’s Imaging Center at 208-882-5377.

For more information about Light a Candle please call 208-883-6231 or email

Cancer Care Fund

The Gritman Cancer Care Fund is the best way to donate to cancer care in our region; it allows the Gritman Foundation to support cancer patients in countless ways. This fund supports Bosom Buddies, Light a Candle, cancer-care equipment, helps patients on a need-by-need basis, and much more. Please contact us at 208-883-6231 for more information.
Bosom Buddies

Early detection saves lives, and regular mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer early. Bosom Buddies provides free screening mammograms to local women who are unable to pay for the screening on their own. The screening mammograms are available to women who receive their medical care in Latah County. A physician’s referral is required.

To participate in Bosom Buddies, please contact your physician or call the Women’s Imaging Center at 208-882-5377.

Bosom Buddies is made possible through the Pink Tea, Pink Cocktail and generous financial gifts by businesses and individuals in our community.


Light a Candle icon

The Gritman Foundation Light a Candle Program helps people in our region who are facing cancer. Designed to ease some of the burdens that come with facing cancer, we can help with services like housekeeping, grocery assistance, massage therapy, gas cards and more. If we can help you, please fill out our simple application before you receive services. You can email it to us at or fax it to 208-883-6369.


You may qualify if you:

  • Have a cancer diagnosis
  • Are in active treatment
  • Have a physician referral.

Get Involved

The Light a Candle program depends on the generosity of like-minded people like you. If you would like to get involved please consider volunteering or make a safe and secure online gift today.

No One Fights Alone

Brenda Griffen
Brenda Griffin

In this video, Brenda Griffin tells her story, showing you can find positives even during the most challenging times. It is a true testament to the fact that no one fights alone.

Tina McClure
Tina McClure

We have been fortunate to hear the truly inspirational stories of people fighting cancer and how we at Gritman Medical Center have played a role in their lives. In this video, Tina McClure shares her life-changing experience.

Maria Horta Vorse
Maria Horta Vorse

We have been fortunate to hear stories from cancer survivors like Maria Horta Vorse and her husband, Chad Vorse. A common theme arose from the survivors who have spoken – no one fights alone, and when a community comes together to support someone battling cancer, special and lifelong bonds are made.

LaRae Pearson
LaRae Pearson

LaRae Pearson, a past speaker at the Gritman Pink Tea and Pink Cocktail, has a unique story of how a mammogram can change your life, even if you don't think you need one. You are never alone on the cancer care journey and have supporters who will help fight the challenges in front of you.

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For all questions on ways to give, please contact us at or give us a call.