Physical Therapy: Getting You Back To Life

Gritman Therapy Solutions Physical Therapy, Spinal Specialist Achieving Integrated Care

Doug Houle’s goal is to get his patients back to their normal lives as quickly as possible through physical therapy.

The timetable is different for everyone, but the newest Physical Therapist and spinal specialist with Gritman Therapy Solutions works to ensure each patient receives the care that’s best suited to their lifestyle.

“It’s getting you back to your vision of what your best life is,” he said.

Houle is one of 12 physical therapists and three outpatient physical therapist assistants available to help at the Moscow clinic. Gritman Therapy Solutions Director Justin Minden said having such a deep bench means shorter wait times for patients who need high-quality therapy in a range of specialties, or who have been referred through other physicians in the Gritman system.

“Restoring function and getting people back to the daily activities they enjoy doing, whether hiking or whether someone wants to live a more comfortable life taking care of grandkids,” Minden said. “That’s what we’re here for.”

Houle sees every type of physical therapy from “nose to toes,” and specializes in spinal issues that help patients with back pain as well as the joints and muscles that surround it.

“We’re afforded time with our patients,” he said. “We have an attentive set of ears and work to really understand the problems that can help with interventions.”

A Moscow High graduate, Houle is returning to the Palouse after practicing physical therapy and athletic training in Durango, Colorado, for the past two decades. He owned his own practice in Colorado for 15 years before merging it with a Durango-based hospital system in the six years prior to his return to Moscow. Much of that time was also as a physical therapist for athletes at Fort Lewis College in Durango.

Being in a small community throughout his 21-year career has allowed Houle to treat a broad range of injuries. And having to seek out physical therapy following back and knee surgeries as a result of his own active lifestyle has made Houle more appreciative of the need to integrate the care he’s providing with the rest of his patients’ treatment.

Houle started seeing patients at Gritman in June and looks to increase the hospital’s synergy with university athletes on the Palouse, as well as help the broad spectrum of therapy-seeking patients—whether that means seeking physical therapy after an extreme outdoor adventure or to alleviate pain while knitting.

“Restoring function and getting people back to the daily activities they enjoy doing, whether hiking, or whether someone wants to live a more comfortable life taking care of grandkids, that’s what we’re here for.” — Justin Minden, Director, Gritman Therapy Solutions

“If you’re looking for someone to take care of an old problem that maybe you’ve been struggling with in the past, physical therapy is an avenue to return you back to that former life,” Houle said. “My job is to get you back to your life, to attain your goals of a more fulfilling life.”

That’s part of the continuum of care and synergy of method that Houle and the therapists at Gritman Therapy Solutions strive for with every patient.

“He fits in well,” Minden said. “We have certified orthopedic specialists that work with us, he fits in well with that. He sees a lot of our certified medicine patients and fits in with the sports medicine clinics.”

Having that team approach, where everyone in the system feels the integrated mission to take care of individual needs, is beneficial to the patient, the doctor and all other medical professionals helping us work, play and live life to the fullest.

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