Establishing the Foundation for Foot Health

Gritman Podiatrist an Advocate for Preventative Care

Dr. Brad Capawana wants you to be comfortable with your feet.

“Our feet help guide us every day of our lives and we can take them for granted unless they’re not working properly,” he said.

The longtime Moscow Podiatrist is bringing his advocacy for preventative foot and ankle care to Gritman Medical Center.

Dr. Capawana has served patients with foot and ankle problems through his Palouse Foot and Ankle clinic since 1999—a member of our community where he’s been fortunate to raise his four children. His practice is now a part of the Gritman Family through Gritman Podiatry, conveniently located at the Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Downtown Clinic.

“I try to treat my patients like I would family members.” — Gritman Podiatrist,   Dr. Brad Capawana

Brad capawana, dpm podiatry

Dr. Brad Capawana

He treats everything from sports injuries to diabetic foot care to children’s growth issues as part of his podiatry practice. By identifying foot problems early, including common foot ailments like bunions, warts and inadequate arch support, most patients can get the treatment they need so more serious issues can be prevented.

More serious issues including diabetic foot problems, where any break in the skin is seen as a serious problem, often need to be seen right away before worsening the patient’s overall health.

“Just like medical problems including diabetes and high-blood pressure, if left untreated, they can lead to diminished mobility, decreased activity and quality of life,” he said.

Achilles and tendon pain are among the foot-related sports injuries that are also relatively common for an area like the Palouse where we’re accustomed to enjoying the region’s rivers, mountains and trails as our playground—activities Dr. Capawana appreciates just as much as many of his patients.

“Very few of us get through this world without problems with our feet,” he said.

Integrating his practice with Gritman made sense for Dr. Capawana, who will now be able to more easily confer with other medical providers about a patient’s care. Such synergy also happens because all providers are now using the same medical records system, allowing more seamless referrals from Family Medicine and to other specialty providers.

He sees this new practice as another element advancing Gritman’s mission of coordinated care—from head to toe.

Gritman Podiatry is located in the Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Downtown Clinic. Call 208-882-2011 to schedule an appointment. Learn more at


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