Primary Care: Healing Begins Close to Home

The Next Generation of Primary Care Providers Emphasize Their Dedication to Exceptional Patient Care

One thing’s for sure, the providers throughout Gritman’s hospital and clinic network have a passion for ensuring their patients have access to care.

Whether it’s a wellness exam, blood draw or management of a chronic condition, Clinic Primary Care Director Christina Metcalf said access to the full spectrum of medical care is vital to healing.

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“Our patients love their providers and will sometimes travel more than an hour to get to them in Troy, Kendrick, Potlatch, or here in Moscow,” Metcalf said. “We treat people for a wide range of services–from wellness exams to OB care to counseling–and it allows our patients to have their needs met in the location closest to them, and that’s unique for rural communities to have that versatility.”

Having providers in Moscow as well as Potlatch, Kendrick and Troy who are integrated into the Gritman system gives people throughout the region options for care that are most convenient for them—building upon the rapport between both patient and provider.

Christopher Bullard, M.D.

Internal Medicine Physician, Hospitalist; Gritman Internal Medicine

A patient is so much more than a series of diagnoses to Dr. Christopher Bullard.

The internal medicine provider wants to treat medical problems, but also share a laugh and talk about families and house projects with his patients. Knowing how a patient lives their life outside of managing their medical conditions—and who they have to support them outside of the clinic—can all aid the healing process.

“People’s support systems are a huge part of their overall health,” he said. “We ask the patient about their support system. When I can truly get to know their support system, that really allows me to know a lot more about what to expect, and what a patient can do to help themselves, and what their support system can do to help them.”


Jennifer Grinage, P.A.

Family Medicine Provider; Gritman | Troy Family Medicine

Treating patients locally whenever possible is the preference for Jennifer Grinage.

The Troy Family Medicine provider, Grinage is able to refer patients for a variety of specialties throughout the Gritman system, allowing most cases to be handled locally and reducing costs, time, and stress that can happen if a patient has to be seen outside the region.

“We do have a lot of services in the Gritman community and throughout the Moscow community,” she said. “If a patient does need a specialist, I’ve developed relationships with them and I’m able to provide that one-on-one consultation as we come up with a plan that is best for the patient so they don’t have to go out of the area.”


Robin Sautter, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician, OB Provider; Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Downtown

Dr. Robin Sautter loves working with individuals and finding out solutions to keep them healthy and in the community.

Looking after the best interests of all in her care, from the babies she delivers as an OB provider to the patients with more chronic conditions who are looking for help managing their medications, means caring for immediate concerns while also seeking out preventative measures over the long term.

“When I meet someone, I’m not only going to be asking about their health, what is their exercise routine, what was the last thing they ate, but I’m also going to be asking who’s at home with them, what do they do in their spare time, and their hobbies,” she said. “Because caring for them in their home is making sure every portion of their life is feeling full.”


Camilla Guthrie, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner; Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine QuickCARE Clinic

Camilla Guthrie sees patients in urgent medical situations.

A Family Nurse Practitioner at our QuickCARE clinic, Guthrie is solving immediate problems, but the integrated care system allows her to also solve other issues that could linger without her intervention.

“Within the Gritman system, it’s wonderful that we have so many specialties and subspecialties because it’s easier for me to pick up the phone and say ‘Hey, I’m seeing your patient in the clinic today and I noticed that you’re their primary care provider. Is there anything in addition to what I’m doing that you’d like me to address today.’’’


Michael Fields, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician, Hospitalist; Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Westside

A person’s health care journey doesn’t just take place when they seek help in the clinic—it happens in the day-to-day routines we all have to navigate throughout our lives.

Dr. Michael Fields finds that having an integrated system and a close-knit community is “fantastic” for achieving better patient outcomes.

“At the end of the day this is what we try to do, to try and help people live their happy and healthiest lives,” he said. “If there’s ways that I can help coordinate care to make that happen, it’s really my preference. So I love that there are multiple specialties available and that we have a good, tight-knit system here.”

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