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Caren Cox, a licensed clinical professional counselor, sees patients of all ages at our clinics in Kendrick, Potlatch, Troy and Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Downtown offers a wide range of counseling and therapy services. She is a Registered Play Therapist, which uses children’s natural language of play to help them adjust and process difficult experiences in their lives, and she has received additional training in the treatment of PTSD and complex trauma, as well as skills training for ADHD.

She works to build positive and healthy relationships with patients to help them understand their thought and behavioral patterns that are causing them difficulty. She does not believe in “changing” her clients and instead feels everyone has that ability within themselves and simply needs the tools to do so.

Our provider

Caren Cox
Caren L. Cox, LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Can help with or treat:
PTSD- in children and adults.
Combat PTSD (Caren Cox did extra training through the military)
Adjustment to life changes
Attachment issues
Stress management
Behavioral concerns

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Kendrick Family Care
Troy Clinic
Gritman | Moscow Family Medicine Downtown

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