Orthopedic Education

Prepare for Your Total Joint Replacement

Our orthopedic care program is designed to assist you in meeting your goals before, during and after your surgery.

Your total joint replacement process includes the below joint replacement guides and a Total Joint Education Class for you and your coach/support person to attend. Taken together, the classes and education books are designed to educate you as a patient and provide specific instructions that will help you during your surgery and recovery.

Gritman Orthopedic Surgeons
Sunshine Huffman and Dr. Marvin Kym

Watch Our Total Joint Replacement Class

Preparing for your Hip and Knee Replacement - Total Joint Education Classes

Gritman’s Total Joint Replacement Class is facilitated by members of our orthopedic care team and are required by your surgeon. The more informed you are about your surgery, the quicker and better your recovery will be.

Joint Commission National Quality Approval

Hip and Knee Replacement. Certified by the Joint Commission.

Gritman’s orthopedic program carries the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Total Hip and Knee Replacement. The certification means our teams have gone through the rigorous and necessary steps to ensure we are meeting the highest clinical standards for quality and patient outcomes.

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