Expanding Access to Advanced Pain Management

Pain Management: State-Of-The-Art Pain Clinic Offers One-Stop Services

Gregory Bauer is most excited about the welcoming feeling of the newly expanded Gritman Interventional Pain Clinic.

“This is an incredible space,” he said. “It’s going to be very uplifting.”

Pain management can be stressful, and the soothing aesthetics at the newly opened Interventional Pain Clinic may provide additional comfort to patients undergoing pain management care.

Bauer leads the team of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists operating out of the new space on the third floor of the C.L. Gritman Medical Office Building, just across the street from Gritman Medical Center.

In addition to its aesthetics, the state-of-the-art space provides increased function – it includes both treatment rooms for procedures and exam rooms to evaluate pain in the same space, eliminating the need for pain patients to travel back and forth to the hospital for care. The change to a “one-stop” location has been in the works for several years and is part of a plan to expand access to coordinated care within the Gritman System.

“Patients know that we have a first-class setup for performing all our procedures,” Bauer said. “It’s allowing them to come here, be in a welcome atmosphere, collectively from clinic to procedure, without having to travel for care.”

Each member of the Interventional Pain Clinic team is certified in Non-Surgical Pain Management, working with patients on an individual basis to identify and address the root cause of their pain without the use of opioid-based prescription drugs.

“Our current practice is focused on finding what the root problem is, and not only finding it but linking it to other things going on in their life,” he said. “Stress, depression, mental illness – these items go hand in hand.”

“It’s a bright, open space. It’s going to allow our patients to come in, receive care, all in one facility. We’ll be able to see them here in the clinic space, and for procedures they’ll be steps away from where they come for their clinic visit.” – Gregory Bauer, CRNA.

Gritman Interventional Pain Clinic treatments include:

  • Chronic Pain Treatments
  • Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Facet, Epidural, Trigger-Point and Joint Injections
  • Occipital Injections for Headaches
  • Sympathetic Blocks
  • Medial Branch Nerve Blocks
Pain management services through gritman's interventional pain clinic are offered in a state-of-the-art space.

Pain management services through Gritman’s Interventional Pain Clinic are offered in a state-of-the-art space.

The clinic has a strong relationship with the U.S. Veterans Administration and can accelerate appointments for veterans suffering from pain management issues, Bauer said.

“I’m a veteran myself,” he said. “We feel very strongly that our veterans need to have a place where they can come and get excellent care.”

The clinic is part of a larger buildout of the C.L. Gritman Medical Office Building that will also include clinic space for a variety of additional specialty services. Bauer is thankful to the hospital administration for its vision in working toward this new space and providing the resources necessary to tackle pain management in a positive and efficient way.

“It’s been incredible,” he said. “We look forward to challenging ourselves to make sure we’re giving back to Gritman and the community.”

The expanded Gritman Interventional Pain Clinic is located at 803 S. Main St., Suite 310 in Moscow. Make an appointment by calling 208-883-6700. Learn more at gritman.org/pain.