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Fetal Heart Monitors: Pullman Couple Donate $20,000 for Technology, Challenge Greater Community to Match Gift

Pullman couple Jeff and Angie Feuerstein have generously donated $20,000 toward new fetal heart monitors for the Gritman Family Birth Center – and they are challenging the greater community to come together and match their gift.

Fetal heart monitors measure a baby’s heart rate during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Jeff feuerstein

Jeff Feuerstein

Angie feuerstein

Angie Feuerstein

“It allows us to be able to see what’s going on inside and internally,” said Jennifer Jones, Director of the Family Birth Center. “We’re able to see how baby is doing through their heart rate so we can make sure we have a safe and healthy mom and a safe and healthy baby during pregnancy and delivery.”

Gritman has seven such monitors, and continually replacing them ensures our patients will always have access to the most advanced technology when bringing their new arrivals into the world.

“There’s nothing like hearing that first heartbeat, or seeing that first sign of life, for an expecting parent,” Jeff Feuerstein said.

The hospital works to replace about one fetal heart monitor each year. The Feuersteins’ gift – and the challenge encouraging others to match it through gifts to the Gritman Foundation – allows our Family Birth Center to accelerate replacement of the devices and purchase at least two in the coming year.

“This is an incredible gesture by Jeff and Angie Feuerstein,” Gritman President and CEO Kara Besst said. “Their generous donation not only supports our mission of providing extraordinary care, it helps us upgrade vital equipment in service to that mission. Thank you, Jeff and Angie, for your help in the care of our patients.”

Jones echoed those sentiments.

“I think we just live in an amazing community where people want our patients to have a good experience and a healthy outcome. And this donation ensures our patients continue to have a good experience and a healthy outcome,” she said.

The Feuersteins’ four children were all delivered at Gritman and the Pullman financial advisor has seen the power of our compassionate expertise in the care of family members many times since first arriving on the Palouse in the 1980s. Jeff Feuerstein, owner of Values and Vision Financial Advisors in Pullman, hopes his call-to-action spurs additional support for these essential medical devices.

“Nothing is more vulnerable than little babies in a mother’s womb,” he said. “If this money can help these little ones this Christmas season, there’s no better way to give back to them along the way.”

The Gritman Family is grateful to the Feuersteins for their generosity. If you or someone you know is compelled to support this important initiative, please consider a year-end gift to the Gritman Foundation in support of the Strategic Priorities Fund.

Your gift goes toward much-needed technology like these fetal heart monitors and directly supports the care of our patients. Learn more, and make a gift, at

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