Meet Martti, Gritman’s newest language interpreter

Living in a community with two universities brings a diverse set of cultures and languages to our area. To better accommodate non-native English speaking patients, Gritman recently purchased new technology that greatly improves patient-to-clinician translations through the use of video calls.

Martti, which stands for My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter, allows staff and providers to make video calls, similar to Facetime or Skype, to a large network of certified interpreters, fluent in over 250 languages, including Arabic and American Sign Language.

Prior to adopting Martti’s video language solution, Gritman used an audio call service, which although effective, didn’t allow interpreters to receive any visual cues, making it harder for patients to explain their condition.

Emergency Department director Nicole Wheaton is excited about this enhanced technology and what it means for patient care in our community.

“The face-to-face element helps patients not only with non-verbal communication, but also with cultural cues that providers and other clinical staff might not be aware of to better explain their symptoms,” she explained. “That deeper level of understanding helps the interpreter deliver a better medical explanation back to the doctor, which leads to more accurate diagnoses and a reduction in patient frustration.”

Gritman predicts that Martti will get most of its use in the Emergency Department and the Family Birth Center, but the possibilities for a tool like this are endless. Patients can now talk via Martti’s interpreters in areas like billing to help understand their payment options after receiving treatment. Routine appointments that may have been a struggle in the past because of communication barriers are now more easily manageable.

Having Martti at Gritman helps streamline patient care, leading to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

The most common languages spoken in the city of Moscow and surrounding areas:

• Arabic
• Mandarin
• Spanish
• Serbo-Croatian
• Korean
• Vietnamese
• German
• Tagalog
• Russian
• French
• Japanese
• Romanian
• Sudan
• Persian
• Ukrainian