Family Birth Center: ‘We Just Get the Best Care’

Potlatch Family Thankful for Gritman Family Birth Center in Delivery of Three Children

Brittney Mosman has delivered all three of her children at the Gritman Family Birth Center.

Ridge mosman, the son of brittney and scott mosman, was delivered by dr. Bryn parker at the gritman family birth center.

Ridge Mosman, the son of Brittney and Scott Mosman, was delivered by Dr. Bryn Parker at the Gritman Family Birth Center.

The Potlatch mother recently gave birth to baby boy Ridge, her third child and first son with husband Scott Mosman.

But it was that first experience that solidified her resolve to have all three of her children at Gritman. A Registered Nurse by training, Brittney consistently recommends the Family Birth Center to expectant mothers after the staff and providers kept her informed and calm during an emergency Cesarean section for her first delivery.

“The staff was amazing, took really good care of us, kept us informed the entire time,” she said.

Both Brittney’s second and third babies were also scheduled C-Sections, all delivered by Family Medicine and Obstetrics Physician Dr. Bryn Parker.

The kids, 4-year-old Sawyer, 2-year-old Riley and newborn Ridge, all get their care from Dr. Parker, as do mom and dad. The integrated system that encompasses both the Family Birth Center and Gritman’s primary care network allows for seamless transitions before and after delivery.

All members of the care team clearly communicated the processes associated with Brittney’s delivery, including expectations and timelines, something the family appreciated.

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“I knew exactly when my IV was going to be taken out. I knew exactly when I was going to be able to finally take that shower,” she said. “The nurse came in and did all of the teaching, went through like a fine-tooth comb, did a great job. She made sure, even though it was our third C-section, making sure we knew what to expect and how best to take care of ourselves at home.”


The older Mosman girls even had the opportunity to bond with their new baby brother as a family in the Family Birth Center’s recovery room. Clinical staff routinely check in on the family but leave plenty of time for bonding with their new arrival in those first few days.

“They just do a really outstanding job of making you feel at home,” she said. “Really, you feel like family. So it was always easy to pick Gritman for all three of our children.”

Scott Mosman echoes those sentiments in praising the Family Birth Center’s clinical staff.

“They know their job, I mean they’re so professional and personable,” he said. “Anything that you need as a parent, they are there to support you.”

Follow-up OB appointments check both mom and baby and ensure both are healing physically and psychologically – continuing a model of caring and compassionate treatment in the weeks and months after the family leaves the hospital.

“I could never thank them enough,” Scott said. “I would never want to have a kid anywhere else.”

Pictured at top: Brittney and Scott Mosman, with baby boy Ridge, are thankful to the Gritman Family Birth Center for the outstanding care the family received when delivering all three of their children.


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