Wound Healing Recovery: ‘Amazing To See’

Troy Mayor Thankful for Wound Healing Center

Steve Corr is forever thankful to the Gritman Wound Healing Center for saving his left foot.

The Gritman Wound Healing Center is in the top 10% of all Healogics wound healing centers in the United States. The average time for patients to heal is 21 days thus far in 2023, with a patient satisfaction rate of 96%.
Corr, a longtime Latah County resident and the Mayor of Troy, recently started performing normal household tasks for the first time in years thanks to the work of Wound Center providers including Dr. Ronald Alm and Dr. Randall Kloepfer.


“I mowed the lawn for the first time in three years,” he said, crediting the wonderful care of his Gritman providers after a harrowing year in which he worried he would lose his foot.

Just last summer, physicians worried Corr would lose his toes and the end of his foot following complications after suffering from a broken heel bone. Corr lives with neuropathy in his feet – a condition that prevents him from feeling pain – and the results of a hard cast left his foot permanently damaged.

“There’s not enough good that I can say about what they did for me,” he said.

Eleven months later, Corr was just recently cleared to return to daily life in what his providers have described to him as a “miracle.”

“It was just amazing to see where it started to where I am today,” he said. “I owe it all to them.”

The Wound Healing Center doctors and staff would meticulously clean his foot and change the dressing multiple times per week. His case involved frequent debridement (removal) of old skin and growth of new skin to return his foot to normal condition. Corr equated the treatment he received to heal the skin on his foot to the care a burn victim would receive.

“We did that for several months,” he said. “It kept getting better and better. The pad of the foot, the hardest part of the foot, healed first.”

Corr initially couldn’t put weight on his foot, using crutches and a knee scooter to maneuver around home and work. The wound prevented him from chopping wood or doing any other household chores.

While Corr’s recovery is extraordinary, it’s consistent with the mission of Gritman’s Wound Healing Center. Gritman partners with Healogics to run the center inside the Moscow hospital and ranks in the top 10% of all Healogics centers in the country. That means Gritman’s center follows clinical practice guidelines and uses evidence-based medicine in daily practice. So far in 2023, patient satisfaction for our Wound Healing Center has been 96% and our average time until healing is 21 days.

Corr’s case was complicated enough that it took 11 months of regular Wound Care visits to repair his wound. Corr said he became so intimately involved in his care, so much so that he would train newly assigned nursing staff on the care he would receive.

“There’s not enough good that I can say about what they did for me.” – Steve Corr of Troy, Wound Healing Center patient

“My wife and I had to become wound care specialists from them,” he said. “Every day, I had to take the dressing off, every day it had to be surgically washed. I went to Wound Care every two days, then every week.”

In addition to the staffs of Dr. Alm, Dr. Kloepfer, and the Wound Healing Center, Corr is especially thankful to Family Medicine Dr. Ronald Baldwin for the continuity his primary care physician has provided Corr through the situation.

He’s also thankful to all the Gritman providers who heard his concerns throughout the healing process.

“They listened,” he said. “And I give them kudos for that.”

The Gritman Wound Healing Center is located near the south entrance of Gritman Medical Center in Moscow. Call 208-882-4325. to make an appointment.


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Pictured at Top: Steve Corr of Troy is forever thankful to the Gritman Wound Healing Center for saving his foot.