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Chief Quality Officer Connie Osborn Celebrates 45 Years of Service

Gritman Medical Center has always been a part of Connie Osborn’s story.

Born at Gritman, Connie joined the hospital’s clinical staff as a nurse’s aide while attending nursing school in 1976. More than 45 years later, and now serving as our Chief Quality Officer, she continues to have the same passion for community-based health care.

Connie Osborn serves as a member of Gritman’s leadership team. See the entire team at

The hospital quickly proved to be a second family when Connie joined the staff, giving the Registered Nurse from Troy an opportunity to grow and try new things.


She eventually worked full-time on the hospital’s Medical-Surgical Unit and devoted 17 years to our Critical Care Unit. Always willing to help the health of our community, Connie was instrumental in getting Gritman’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program up and running in the 1990s. She has been Chief Quality Officer at Gritman since 2006, ensuring the health care services offered throughout our hospital and clinic system meet the highest possible standards.

Thank you, Connie, for your continued commitment to exceptional care, that’s close to home.


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