Endoscopy Nurse Navigator Helps Patients With Surgical Scopes

Jessica Seibly Serves as Point Person for Endoscopy, Colonoscopy Cases

Jessica Seibly works every day to ensure patients can get the surgical scopes they need, as quickly as possible.

As an Endoscopy Nurse Navigator for Gritman General Surgeons and Gastroenterology, Jessica is the point person to help patients and clinical staff through the scheduling, preparation, and follow-up for colonoscopies – answering any and all questions along the way.

“My role allows patients to have more timely access to health screenings and allows for a more centralized ownership of the process. Patients have my direct number, so they don’t have to go through phone trees to get their questions answered,” Jessica said. “Also, it allows for more opportunities to ask questions and review the bowel prep process, leading to higher quality colon preparation and safer, more accurate screenings.”

The position is a new one at the General Surgeons and Gastroenterology clinic, aimed at narrowing the time between a referral and an endoscopic procedure. She supports Gastroenterologist Dr. Lee Hixson and General Surgeons Dr. Bryan Anderson and Dr. Brian Newell in ensuring patients have the resources they need.

Dr. Lee hixson

Dr. Lee Hixson

Dr. Bryan anderson

Dr. Bryan Anderson

Dr. Brian newell

Dr. Brian Newell

“Jessica’s expansion into this new role is a win for patients, staff and providers here at Gritman. Her dedication along with her nursing expertise in the field of Gastroenterology blend together in delivering on the tenets of our mission and vision, including the delivery of quality care, service excellence and stewardship,” said Edie Wade, the Director of Operations for Gritman’s specialty care clinics. “Patients have an absolute advocate, embedded in their care continuum, who works to streamline and optimize their experience.”

By having a Nurse Navigator, the need for a patient to come into the office following their referral to complete paperwork, be seen and scheduled for a routine procedure is eliminated. Jessica can update the patient’s chart from the referral and provider notes. Based on their medical history, the patient either moves on in the scheduling process or is directed to come into the office. For patients that move forward, Jessica does a 20-minute health screen to make sure the information on file is accurate and complete, then schedules the patient for their procedure.

“It is cutting down a process that could take months down to 20 minutes,” Jessica said. Patients are provided with information regarding the procedure via email or mail, depending on their preferences.

Jessica previously worked as a Clinical Coordinator with Gritman’s specialty clinics and has close to 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. Prior to joining Gritman, she worked at another medical center for five years as an Endoscopy Registered Nurse, assisting with esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGDs) and colonoscopies.

“I love being able to help explain the ins and outs of the procedures and process with patients that want to know all the details and alleviate any worries of patients by demystifying the process.” – Jessica Seibly, Endoscopy Nurse Navigator

She enjoys connecting with patients over the phone as part of her new role – helping to answer questions and ease concerns about their upcoming colonoscopy. “I love being able to help explain the ins and outs of the procedures and process with patients that want to know all the details and alleviate any worries of patients by demystifying the process,” she said.

Once the procedure has been scheduled, Jessica will reach back out to the patient two business days prior to their colonoscopy to review bowel preparation and answer any further questions. She and clinic staff then follow up with the patient the day after the procedure and again once the pathology results have been received. Primary Care Providers are kept in the loop throughout the process.

In looking toward the future, Jessica has eyes on attaining a Center of Excellence in Endoscopy Certification that ensures the program meets quality standards for care and improvement in patient education.

The Gritman General Surgeons and Gastroenterology clinic is located at Gritman Medical Park, 2400 W. A. Street, Suite G in Moscow. Learn more at gritman.org/generalsurgeons.

Pictured at top: Endoscopy Nurse Navigator Jessica Seibly.

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